Statement on the Arts and COVID-19

Julie Reilly, Executive Director - March 2020 - April 2021


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ICA Statement on the Arts and COVID-19

As we try to stem the scourge of this global pandemic and cope with the changes in our lives and our world, I am reminded of the ways that visual art and cultural objects – within themselves – embody the fullness of human experience and existence.

The power of this embodied human condition fuels an equally boundless power to exact change. We will need profound change to get from today to a new post-pandemic normal.

Many have forgotten or never truly understood the vital importance of art, history, and archival objects in conveying meanings, experiences, challenges, successes, and commonalities of human existence. Through objects, we can see the struggles and victories and learn about the outcomes of past crisis. We can learn from those who have already been where we are today. We can see their new normal and even understand how their hardships influenced the course of our lives.

As we come out of this time, many will reflect more deeply on the lessons of objects of art, history, and culture and learn about the resilience and growth they reflect. We, at ICA, will be very glad that we have had a hand in preserving the art and objects that allow us to learn and grow and gather hope for the future.

Like many other arts and culture nonprofits, ICA is currently closed and facing an uncertain future. We continue to work remotely as we can to keep our staff employed, safe, and healthy. We continue to pursue every opportunity in the struggle to save our organization so that we can continue to save items so meaningful to our community. 

Please know that ICA staff and leadership look forward to the time when we can help you preserve and conserve your important art and culture.

Julie Reilly, Executive Director, ICA-Art Conservation