Help Preserve Our History, Donate to the Ohio History Fund


What is the Ohio History Fund?

The Ohio History Fund is way for Ohioans to contribute to state and local history projects by making a donation on the state personal income tax form. Donations are tax deductible.

How is the money from the Ohio History Fund used?

Donations to the Ohio History Fund are used to fund local history projects throughout Ohio through a competitive grant program.

The Ohio History Fund was created to support the preservation and sharing of Ohio’s heritage by funding local, regional and statewide projects, programs and events related to the broad sweep of the state’s history. Funded from Ohio tax returns, it is a competitive matching grants program that requires grant recipients to have a matching funding source. The Ohio History Connection administers the program and cannot apply for a grant. For more information about the Ohio History Fund grant program and how to apply, visit

How do I donate?

Look for “Ohio History Fund” on your Ohio tax return and designate a dollar amount. That’s it! Your tax-deductible donation goes to support history projects in local Ohio communities. For just $9, you can help repair a roof, preserve rare color film footage or stage a historical reenactment.

How many projects have been funded through the Ohio History Fund?

To date, the Ohio History Fund helped award $348,000 in grant funds to 33 organizations in a quarter of the state’s 88 counties.  Grant recipients have matched granted amounts to the tune of $658,000. The Ohio History Fund generates local investment in local history, all made possible because of your donation.


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