Pagoda Lampshade


MediaMetal, Textile
DateEarly 20th Century
LocationStan Hywet Hall & Gardens

This lamp belonging to the Seiberling family had been removed from use at Stan Hywet Hall because of damages to the wire shade frame and fabric coverings. Uneven sewing tensions, created by a modern recovering of the shade, led to breakage of soldered joints and distorted the unique pagoda shape. Because of this structural torque the delicate wood over-frame no longer fit, altering the original look of the lamp.


ICA objects conservators were able to repair and restore the peaked symmetry to the wire shade frame. Since no original fabric or trimmings had survived the various recoverings, a reproduction was made, using a grainy 1917 photograph of the lamp in its historical setting as a reference. To duplicate the original ornately painted shade the textile conservator copied the scrolling design on the lamp’s base, which was transferred, then hand-painted on satin fabric. The polychromatic panels were hand-sewn to the frame and trimmed with decorative braid; hand-made gilded tassels complete the reproduction.

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