"Miss Osaka Prefecture" doll


ArtistGoyo Hirata
MediaMolded Wheat Starch & Sawdust, Hair, Silk, & Cotton
DimensionsApprox. 33" tall
LocationThe Ohio Historical Society

"Miss Osaka Prefecture" doll represents a Japanese girl around seven years of age. The doll's head, hands and feet are hollow and were made in molds from a mixture of wood, sawdust and wheat paste. These articulated hollow pieces are finished with several layers of a compound comprised of crushed oyster shell and glue, which give them the appearance of porcelain. She has hand-painted eyebrows and lips and glass eyes with real hair lashes. A maker's mark on the back of the doll's head, underneath the hairpiece, indicates that the doll was made in 1927 by Japanese doll master Goyo Hirata.


The face was cleaned with a soft-bristle brush and sponges due to the sensitivity of the paint to moisture and others solvents. The dingy cotton foot coverings were removed and wet-cleaned in deionized water. A soft brush was used to remove dust and other particles from the folds of the layered silk kimonos and grime along the hemline and sleeve edges was reduced by spot dry-cleaning. A loose seam in the left sleeve was repaired and curling strips of gilded paper woven in the kimono fabric were sewn in place using polyester filament. After conservation treatment, a protective archival storage box was custom-made to support Miss Osaka when not on display.

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