Ed Thorp Memorial Trophy


MediaSilver Plated White Metal
Dimensions26" h x 10" w
LocationPro Football Hall of Fame

The trophy is a lidded vase with repousee foliar decorations, and engraved inscription, "1934 New York Football Giants" listing the team's players and coach. It is made of a hard white metal alloy (probably containing tin) and silver plate. The silver was tarnished, giving the appearance of copper with black patches of staining. There were several local corrosion spots and streaks. The figure of a football player once standing on top of the lid, had broken off and was missing, except for the player's foot, which was still intact.


The trophy vase and lid were polished and lacquered. The missing figurine was reproduced using a similar trophy owned by the Green Bay Packers from 1939. The new figurine was molded from the other trophy, produced by lost-wax casting in sterling silver and soldered onto the lid. The soldered areas were silver electro-plated, and then protected by a coat of lacquer.

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