Cluster, Twinkle, Blade, Leaf, Clump


ArtistCarolyn Ottmers
MediaCast Aluminum
Date2005, 2007
LocationCleveland Clinic, Crile Building, 9th Floor, Main Campus

This series contains five cast and welded aluminum sculptures in various organic, plant-like arrangements. Four of the five sculptures had multiple broken elements. In addition, "Twinkle" had some visually disturbing black residue resulting from a roof leak while in storage. All five sculptures were dusty.


Loose elements in the artwork were re-attached by welding. Some of the breaks occurred at the site of previous welds, which were very porous. Porous metal does not accept weld material very easily, so porous areas remaining after structural welding was complete were filled with pigmented epoxy containing aluminum colored mica powder to provide a cosmetic fill. "Twinkle" was steam cleaned to dissolve black deposits on the metal artwork. The sculpture was then wiped with cotton pads moistened with deionized water and ethanol. All other sculptures were wiped down with dry cosmetic sponges to remove dust.

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