Fine Art Storage

ICA has incorporated affordable, state-of-the-art fine art storage for short- and long-term housing of collections in transit, as well as long-term storage for single pieces or entire collections.  We provide this service to our member institutions and individual collectors. While in storage, the collections are available to clients during regular work hours.

The ICA facility includes 41,000 cubic feet of specially designed fine art storage. The storage area is constantly monitored to maintain a 50% ±5% RH (relative humidity) and a constant temperature of 65-70° F with its individually zoned HVAC system. It has a 16-foot entry access adjacent to an environmentally-controlled loading dock equipped with a hydraulic lift to facilitate loading and unloading of objects of all sizes.

The ICA employs a 24-hour armed response service to monitor the building’s 27-point security-detection system, while all art storage areas are restricted-access and secured by a second-tier monitoring system.

For more information or to obtain an estimate, contact the ICA Operations Manager.

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