Field Services, Education & Outreach

The dissemination of knowledge about cultural heritage preservation is an important component of the ICA’s mission.  Education & Outreach services (free and fee-based) include:

  • presentations (generally one to two hours long on requested topics)
  • workshops (from short, single-topic sessions, half-day or multi-day extended sessions)
  • preventive conservation consultations
  • planned, facilitated, cross-discipline discussions

ICA is committed to providing quality educational experiences for learners of all ages.

Field Services for Cultural Heritage and Conservation Professionals

Current topics offered on an as-needed basis, please contact us for information about associated costs and scheduling.

Preventive Care: Pest Control and Housekeeping; Exhibitions and Displays; Packing and Transit; Emergency Response and Preparedness; Environmental Control; Storage and Housings; and Handling

Stewardship and Planning: Stewardship Assessments; Building and Construction Planning; Collection Surveys; and Preservation Planning Assistance.

Object/Collection Specific Preservation and Conservation Training:  Care of Paper-Based Collections, Archival Materials, Book and Paper Objects, etc.; Care of Paintings, Care of Murals; Care of Textiles; Care of Inorganic Objects (metals, ceramics, glass, stone); and Care of Organic Objects (bone, horn, ivory, leather, basketry, plastics, plant materials, etc.)

For more information about ICA’s educational programming, please contact our Director of Education & Outreach, Holly Witchey.

ICA Education & Outreach Programming

Programs are currently delivered at a variety of content levels depending on the need and demand as follows: K-12 students (particularly in social studies and those involved in STEM or STEAM programs); higher ed, the general public; general introductory level; experienced volunteers, docents, and other stakeholders in smaller organizations; pre- program conservation interns; allied professionals from related disciplines; museum professionals,  graduate and post-graduate conservation students and interns; and practicing conservators.

Care of collection presentations and/or workshops that address examination, identification, care and conservation practices for the specific object and collection types are generally designed for a more experienced participant such as an allied museum or library professional or post-graduate student. Additionally the Education Division provides outreach services that include surveys, disaster response assistance, and grant assistance.

For more information about ICA’s educational programming, please contact our Director of Education & Outreach, Holly Witchey.

Student Experiences (K-12, and Higher Ed)

ICA combines interdisciplinary student experiences that bring STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts, and Math) education to life, while we continue to conduct outreach and education for those in need of instruction in conservation topics.

Classes interested in the intersection of art and science will find a trip to the ICA to be an experience unlike other museum tours. Teachers are encouraged to contact Holly Witchey via email, to arrange a free tour of the ICA’s conservation facility for their middle school and high school students.

Classroom programs for Pre-K and elementary school students on “Why Old Things Are Special” may also be arranged.

Seeking a Senior Spring experience that is out of the ordinary?  Interested in art, archaeology, science, or material culture? 

Each year ICA selects one area high school senior for the on-site student Senior Experience program.  ICA’s Art Conservation – Senior Experience is a unique opportunity for high school seniors to spend one to two weeks in our labs and other local cultural heritage institutions learning first-hand about the field of art conservation. Applications for the next Senior Experience will be available online in January 2019.

Education & Outreach for Lifelong Learners

The Director of Education & Outreach and conservation staff work with organizations and institutions to deliver educational opportunities for the general public. Programs are currently delivered at a variety of content levels depending on the need and demand.  A popular offering is – “Caring for Your Treasures” Proper storage and long-term care of your collections can prevent unintentional damage. Learn how to protect your treasures with our free “Caring for Collections” presentation.  In-depth presentations and workshops on specific topics (e.g. Care and Handling of Textiles, Care and Handling of Works on Paper, Care and Handling of Paintings) can also be arranged, please call 216.658.8700 and ask for Education & Outreach for more information or email Holly Witchey.

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