The demand for architectural conservation and restoration has increased significantly over the past years, which spurred the ICA to create an architectural division in 2006.  ICA architectural conservators are fully trained and well versed in the complete repertoire of specializations within the conservation arena, including forensic and materials analysis. The department specializes in de-installation and installation of murals, tiles, and decorated surfaces.

To view a regional map of additional ICA conservation projects, click here.

World War II Memorial Plaque
Owner: North Canton Heritage Society
This bronze memorial plaque created by the Hoover Vacuum Company—formerly headquartered in North Canton, Ohio—honors Hoover employees who served in World War II. ICA determined that conservation was needed before the plaque could be relocated to a North Canton park. When the plaque arrived, it had an unusual orange/tan color, and was coated with a thick layer of glossy lacquer. ICA conservation staff removed the lacquer, and cleaned and peened the surface of the plaque with fine glass beads. The surface was then toned with a chemical patina producing an even warm brown color and a final protective layer of wax was applied. View enlarged before and after images.

The architectural department offers services including:

  • Forensic color investigations to determine original color schematics of historic structures
  • Conservation of existing decoration
  • Reconstruction of lost painted decoration
  • Conservation and reconstruction of metal and stone decoration
  • Consultation on preservation of cultural heritage
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